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Granary punk on punk globe

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


Those of you who frequented the Granary during the Eighties will remember that punk rock was featured alongside the club’s staple diet of heavy rock. Recently Al was interviewed by “Rotten Jonny” of “Punk Globe” internet magazine who also reviewed the Granary book. Please visit the web site to read both the review and the interview and also take time to explore the many interesting features about punk past and present.

May edition of Punk Globe

May edition of Punk Globe


Granareunited on BBC TV

Friday, May 8th, 2009

The BBC TV “Inside Out West”programme that included a feature on the Granary Club Reunited was on BBC ONE in the West on Wednesday 28th January 2009. Our sincere thanks go to Jenny Walmsey (Producer), Derek Catterall (Editor) and Richard Clutterbuck (Cameraman) who did a superb job of capturing the essence of what made the Granary famous and the enjoyment of the club’s reunited events. The feature included rare footage of the Stranglers live at the Granary inNovember 1981, Stackridge live at the Trinity in December 2008 and Plastic Dog founder members Mike Tobin and Ed Newsom recently returning to the Granary to see how it had been transformed into apartments. There was some great footage of everyone at the Granareunited event commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the first Granary rock gig at the Golden Lion in December 2008. DJs Ade Copley and Adrian Coleman are there doing their thing along with many members reminding us that the Granary was the place to be seen back in the ’glory days’. And Al is caught complaining bitterly that he is going to miss the better part of the evening after doing some serious damage to his person in a fall.  However, Al had recovered enough a few weeks later to provide the voice-over for the feature.If you missed it go to click on ‘Granary video’. There is also a Granary Gallery with loads of memorable Granary photos and graphics. This is the Granary feature only.You can also go to BBC iplayer and search out BBC One West / Inside Out West / 28th Jan 2009. This will be the whole programme

Granareunited - Sep 20th

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Al and Ed organise GRANAREUNITED events on a regular basis at the Golden Lion in Bishopston, Bristol. The next is on Saturday 20th June.


Admission to these events is free. On display are many Granary Memorabilia showcards. Al Read’s Granary book is on sale as well as the Granary T-shirts. You will always hear many of the classic rock records that were featured at the famous Granary Friday night rock discos.