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Al is Quizmaster

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

AL plays quizmaster at the PROM

Once every couple of months Al Read is the quizmaster at the Tuesday night pop quiz at the Prom music bar. It’s always a fun night out and I’m sure you’ll enjoy taking part. It’s just £1 each to enter and you can make up a team of up to 6. Identify the music clips, answer the music trivia questions and fill in the title or artist blanks on the quiz sheets. There are cash and goodie prizes (not only for the clever clogs but also for the team that comes last!).


GRANAREUNITED 15 (Fifteeny Meeny Miney Momentous)

Al and Ed invite you to the next Granary reunion evening on Sunday 30th August when original Granary DJs will spoil you with non-stop classic rock just like they did at the Granary Friday night rock discos back in the 70’s and 80’s. Our new home at the Golden Lion will be decorated with Granary memorabilia and both the Granary book and Granary T-shirts will be on sale at special sale prices. Admission is FREE and, as the next day is a Bank Holiday, you’ll have plenty of time to recover!



Monday, July 6th, 2009



The LADYBIRDS : Thursday 22nd March 1973 : £200

Pop music researcher David Andrews of Weston Super Mare unearthed a picture of the LADYBIRDS, a Swedish cabaret outfit that usually performed without their outfits! In March 1973 they were booked to play a week at the Webbington Country Club just outside Bristol with their short set of current pop songs. They contacted the Granary to ask if they could do a gig at the Gran as they wanted a chance to perform a selection of material of a more rock genre. As they were also happy come on stage in their usual outfits (white leather bikini bottoms only) we thought it would be worth a try (for artistic purposes only). They weren’t musically up to much but no-one seemed to care and the girls were well received. One of the band rewarded the lads in the front row, who had been cheering all the way through the set with a brief full frontal as she whipped off  her briefs. She, however, was not so happy about the fact that one of the lads made off with her white leather bikini bottom as a trophy. Upset as it was part of the outfit she needed for her gig the next day at the Webbington something had to be done in a huury. Al was a bit of a dab hand at tailoring having been involved in menswear retailing for some years (the Plastic Dog offices were upstairs from the Park Street shop that Al ran) so overnight, using the remnants of an old white leather jacket, Al made an acceptable replica of the missing brief.  The young Ladybird lass was very grateful!!!

No sooner was this article was published, than the following message was entered on the Granary Guest Book by Marianne Dow in the USA: “Your readers might enjoy my article and pix of the Ladybirds Topless All Girl Band @ on my Burlesque Babes Blog which is about vintage Burlesque Queens and Strippers from the 1950s and 1960s era.”  And then another picture turned up and, this time, in full colour


The LADYBIRDS : Thursday 22nd March 1973 : £200