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December 2018 - GRANAREUNITED 45 report

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

A great big thank you to all our Granary friends and fans who joined us for the 50th Granary anniversary of the original Granary gig. A really enjoyable night at the Lion with a lovely crowd that packed the place. To quote a title “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” we will be back at Easter with another Granareunited. Here’s a pic of Granary party people.granareunited-45-dec-2018

Here’s an amazing picture of three of the Granary DJs on stage at the Lion at the same time (usually one is on stage whilst another is at the bar with the other in the toilet). On this occasion Adrian Coleman was absent at a wedding. Pic Ed Newsom, Al Read, Ade Copley.



Friday, November 9th, 2018

Our sincere apologies to those faithful Granary fans who follow the news section of the Granary Web Site. Posts covering the last year were completely lost due to a malfunction in an independent memory disc. We will try to post the main points from that period as we regain them though we are pretty sure most of the pictures have been lost. Shame.

All should be back to normal now so here is the poster of the forthcoming GRANAREUNITED 45 which will remind you that the 50th anniversary of our first rock gig at the Granary should be written in LARGE BLOCK LETTERS in your diary.granareunited-45-web

Granary Club Newsletter August 2017

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Granareunited 41 will be with us in three weeks


Did you know that 29 years ago the Granary Club cosed its doors for the last time. However its spirit lives on with a night of heroic classic rock brought to you by the original Granary Club DJs (slightly worn with age but thankfully still standing). Always a great night packed with those rock tracks that will transport you back to those crazy Granary rock discos of the Seventies and Eighties. The next day is a bank holiday so most of you will have time to recover from drinks at pub prices and admission is FREE.

Pass to word to your rock friends and neighbours and let us all get together and do it like we did it back then. THE GRANARY LIVES.


Super-Ed’s opening set links super tracks with the original Granary beginnings.


Ed always creates a collection of rock tracks to open the reunion evenings which have a special Granary link. At 7.30pm on Granareunited 41 night Ed takes us back to the band that ran a regular Monday night at the Dugout Club in Park Row, Bristol back in 1969. When Al, Terry and Ed (their roadie) split from East of Eden they carried on the rock nights but moved from the Dugout to the Granary and the Club’s legendary rock story started. Ed ’s track collection features the many of the classic rock bands that East of Eden supported in the far out and cosmic days of late 1969. Expect to hear (or miss if you are late!)

Ten Years After - Traffic - T-Rex - Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Family - The Nice - Jethro Tull - The Who - Free
Taj Mahal - Idle Race - Status Quo - Pink Floyd - Procul Harum and - King Crimson (they were at the Marquee on June 8th just a week or two before their memorable gig at the Granary on June 30th 1969).

Picture shows East of Eden 1969 with Al Read top right and Terry Brace front left


The canvas of Captain America on the wall behind was painted by Al and is there because the photo shoot was in Al’s flat .


Please make a real effort to join us for our summer Granareunited event and be part of the continuation of the legendary Granary story.

Here’s to the great times then, now and in the future, Al & Ed

Granary Newsletter January 2017

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Make a note of these GRANAREUNITED dates for 2017


Looking forward to seeing you at the GOLDEN LION, Bishopston, Bristol for a wild night of ultra classic rock in true Granary style.



Throughout 2016 there was a great deal of Granary activity as we tried to pin down the exact date when Motorhead played at the Club. Finally it was confirmed that it was Monday 6th April 1981. Pictures of Motorhead in action at the club were supplied by Gran Fan Aiden Naughton.


Now we can add yet another piece of evidence of this memorable gig that was recently supplied by Gran Fan Dafe (aka Merchant Navy Dave). He made his way backstage on the night and collected autographs of the band. A splendid addition to the Granary archives.



You can take part by posting your favourite rock tracks and Granary memories on Facebook. Just search for Granary-Bristol and ask to join.

Till the next newsletter. Al & Ed


Thursday, June 23rd, 2016


It’s just a couple of months to go to our summer event celebrating the amazing times we had at the Granary.


It has been all of thirteen years since our first Granary reunion event and the fact that we’re still here bringing you the classic rock night to remember proves that the Granary always brought you the best in rock - live or on record. Do join us on the 28th August and we guarantee you’ll have a truly memorable time going wild to your favourite classic rock. Bring all your friends - they’ll love it too. PS. DJ Super-Ed is working on a special Prog Rock playlist for the warm-up spot which begins at 7.30pm. Not to be missed under any circumstances. It is sure to feature several of the splendid Prog Rock bands that graced the Granary stage in the 70’s, plus a few more who didn’t, but should have done. I blame the guy booking the bands for that !!



Karen has once again provided us with some shots taken at the Granary. This time she had her camera at the ready when MAGNUM played the club on 2nd February 1985.


WEAPON, who played the club a couple of times in the early Eighties, sent us this picture taken with Les Pearce who had recently been upgraded from door security to general manager.




Granary fan Wendy Isaacs posted this request last month -

“My brother played in a band in the Granary many times during the 70’s. I was too young to remember and the family cannot remember what the band was called. He died aged 31 in 1983 but I would love to see if anyone remembers him, the band or even better, if there are photos of them playing. His name was Paul Fuller and I know that on one occasion they went on first, loaded the van and enjoyed the rest of the night there only to find that all their instruments had been stolen from the van!!!”


Soon afterwards this reply was posted from Charlie Hart -

“I was the drummer in the band, it was called Blizzard, we supported the Gary Moore Band on 24th August 1972. I remember Paul very well. I still have loads of audio tape of rehearsals. Yes the van was broken into, a bass and maybe a guitar was stolen whilst we watched Gary Moore. Gary let us use his Wem pa in return for borrowing our mike stand. Paul played a black Jedson copy of a Gibson Les Paul. I have a photo of members of the band which I need to find in my boxes of bits and pieces, I have one with Paul with very long hair taken at the Mendip Gate pub where we rehearsed. The band members were Pete on Bass, Mick Miller also on guitar, Paul Hawkins on vocals.”

The follow up from Wendy -

Wow…that is fantastic news!! It would be so amazing to see photos of him and to hear him playing would be the icing on the cake (quite emotional too) My older sister Lorraine used to watch him play but I was too young. (He was 18 when I was born) He tried to teach me guitar but gave up because I was rubbish.

A final post from John Furlong said “And that my friends is why Facebook can be superb”.



Bristol’s very own Stormtrooper were ahead of the ‘N.W.O.B.H.M’, as they had originally formed in the mid 1970’s. But they were right in there more than holding their own with the likes of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Motorhead in terms of seeing their music released in the slip-stream of that catch-all ‘brand identity’. Their passion, talent and ambition enabled them to launch themselves to gain recognition, and their hard work and blistering live shows paid off when ‘Pride Before A Fall’ became one of the singles released through the unlikely means of local Heartbeat Records operation, run by Simon Edwards in Bristol. ‘Pride’ roared its’ way into the ‘Heavy Metal’ chart at 23 in Sounds in its’ first week of release. It reached the heady heights of number 11 after. Now the other recordings made by the band in that era, are available on ‘Pride Before A Fall - The Lost Album’. Songs like ‘In The State In the City’ and ‘Still Coming Home’ showcase the bands’ unique blend of Bob Starling’s distinctive and passionate blazing guitar attack, with the driving force of an electrifying rhythm section. Nick Hancox’s technically brilliant and energetic drumming fused with Colin ‘Boggy’ Bond’s knock down the walls bass playing, and his definitive use of Moog bass pedals which brought another dimension to the textures in the music. In the best traditions of a great rock band, this was topped by the rock power and vocal range of singer, Paul Merrell. A lost gem that’s rock gold and is worthy of being in any genuine rock fans music collection.


Stormtrooper played the Granary at least five times between 1976 and 1979.


Band members will be joining us at the next Granary reunion event to sign copies of the album that will be available on the night. More about this in our next newsletter. If you want to get in first and pre-order a copy now and hear extracts of album tracks then click to visit Archive Records


Granary Newsletter May 2016

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


As promised in last months newsletter here are some more of the pictures of artists taken live at the Granary that have turned up on the Granary Facebook page. First a slendid shot of Tony McPhee fronting the Groundhogs at one of the six times they played the Granary btween October 1984 and December 1985. They did play a couple of times prior to 1984 but the “Home of Rock” banner didn’t exist then.


Another tremendous guitarist much loved at the club was Dumpy with his Rusty Nuts who first appeared there in November 1982 and became a regular attraction until the club closed in 1988.


With six appearances at the club between June 1976 and May 1978 the rollicking blues band S.A.L.T. can be classed a regulars and great fun too. Seen here in what the management laughingly called “the dressing room”.


Bernie Torme and the Electric Gypsies played in the summer of 1982 when this on stage picture was taken.


Finally here’s a couple of shots of the lead guitarist of Bristol based Stormtrooper at one of their Granary gigs in 1978. Watch out or some great news about a new Stormtrooper album soon to be announced





Monday, May 16th, 2016


A real feast of photographs taken at the Granary have arrived recently including some from Granary fan Karen Rich which finally confirmed the date of the surprise appearance of Jimmy Bain on stage as Thursday 13th September 1984. The Larry Miller Band were the featured artist at the Granary that night and were joined on stage by Ronnie James Dio and bass guitarist Jimmy Bain who were in town to play the Colston Hall the following night.

dio-poster-14thsept1984Karen told us “We were very sorry to hear of the recent death of Jimmy Bain and thought you might like to see this photo taken on the 13th September 1984, the night before Dio played at the Colston Hall. He is pictured here with my husband John. We were regulars at the Granary and loved the place dearly!”


Jimmy was joined on stage by local guitar wizard Chris Goulstone member of Bronz who told us ” “That’s me! I remember Larry Miller wouldn’t let his drummer play- so Jimmy and I jammed just the two of us!!’ Rock me Baby’ was the tune - I remember Dio was there and also Tania, the vocalist with Headmaster. She took off her high heels off cause Ronnie was so short!:)


Larry Miller said that the jam session went on longer than the audience actually wanted and began to chant for Larry and the cried “We love you Larry” when the Miller band returned to the stage. Further information has been added by Mark Jones - Just to point out that Ronnie James Dio didn’t actually get up on stage that night.The possible reason being that he’d correctly deduced that, even with his discretely-stacked boots, he’d still be shorter than the audience whilst up there. Well, that was my pet theory at the time, though I was probably being unkind!.And, yes, the jam itself was rather interminable. (I wonder if anyone remembers Larry Miller’s rather good, privately-pressed LP from around that time? ‘Right Chaps!’ it was called, I think.)Granary regular, John Rich, by the way, as seen in the newsletter with Jimmy Bain, also got his photo in Kerrang around that time after winning a competition in the magazine. I think his prize was a guitar from the NWOBHM band, Spider, though I could be wrong after all these years.

Jimmy Bain was back at the Granary on Thursday 9th November 1978 with Wild Horses.




Monday, March 14th, 2016


“I have been trying to think of a word for two weeks!”

The word has finally come to me….”fortnight!” Yes the Spring 2016 Granary reunion event is just a fortnight away. The original Granary DJs will be welcoming to the Lion former Granary Club members, fans, their friends and family as well as any true classic rock lovers or indeed anybody and everybody that loves a damn good time!




Granary (and Sam Apple Pie) fan Les Wainwright contacted Al via the Facebook message service and said “I have just read through your excellent Granary book and have a question. During the late 70’s Sam Apple Pie changed their name to The Vipers before reverting back to SAP .Is it possible that the two dates in your book 15.07.78 and 23.12.78 are them. It is additionally complicated by the fact an Irish band of the same name was around at this precise time. As a big supporter of SAP would you happen to remember? Your last date for SAP in 1981 is the very last recorded date I can find. I was in touch with their guitarist Andy before he sadly died a few years ago, due to the nature of time and indulging in those long cigarettes he had forgotten a lot of their history. thanks in anticipation. Les” Al replied “I still have the old Granary bookings folder with scribbled monthly details of the acts booked. However it runs out (for some unknown reason) in 1978. It’s was still at the back of my files case so I checked it out and there on the last page is “Vipers 15th July”. I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that after their name I have written “formerly Sam Apple Pie”! I’m pretty sure that the December date is also SAP. Cheers, Al”

1978-july-notesAlso found on a seperate scribbled sheet was a list of bands that had cancelled during 1976. Something that happened quite a lot for loads of different reasons. One band called Dirty Tricks turned up but went away without playing as they said “The club is too small”. The Scorpions also were also reluctant to play saying “We rehearse in places bigger than this” but changed their mind when they saw the high number of attractive young ladies who turned up early (they had free tickets!). Some of the cancellations in 1976 were Spiders from Mars, Jimmy Witherspoon, AC/DC and The Stranglers

Newsletter November 2015

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

We are looking forward to our Christmas Granary Reunited event - we hope you are too.


Please tell all your friends, it’s definitely a “more the merrier” kind of night. Forward this email to everyone you know and let’s all get together again and do it like we used to back in the Granary days. The music will be a non-stop parade of the best of classic rock with a sprinkling of each individual Granary DJ’s personal favourites. Drinks at normal pub prices plus a FREE dip into Santa’s sack of jolly rock pressies!



In the few months before the “Plastic Dog” team began promoting rock at the Granary the venue was a seven days a week jazz club but then on 15th November 1968, almost exactly forty seven years ago, the club had an excursion into the blues and promoted the one and only MUDDY WATERS. A massive exclusive for the Granary and a brilliant start of twenty years years of music excellence.



A new venture for the Golden Lion is the Sunday tea-time good-time music session which this Sunday features LOOSE WHEELS. This is of great interest to the Granary fans of the early Granary days as guitarist and front man for Loose Wheels is Steve Webb. Steve was with prog rock outfit ORIGINN who were on stage at the club in October 1969 and played 9 times in the next 12 months. He then went on to front SQUIDD who continued to feature on a regular basis for the next year or two. Steve then joined Al Read at the Plastic Dog office booking bands and managing artists. Incidentally the drummer with both these bands was the now internationally known fantasy artist Rodney Matthews. With Steve in both bands was bassist Rich Langham who now also features in LOOSE WHEELS. Another Granary favourite was Keith Warmington the amazing harmonica player in both Brent Ford and the Nylons and the Paynekillers. Keith is likely to make and appearance with LOOSE WHEELS if we are lucky. LOOSE WHEELS present a tasty slice of of country, Americana and good time blues at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. See you there.


Newsletter August 2015

Friday, August 28th, 2015


A reminder for you that the Granary team are all geared up andready to bring you a glorious night of the finest Granary styled classic rock.It’s only a few days before the Golden Lion will be soaked in the atmosphere of Granary disco nights.Let’s awaken those memories of the fantastic times we had at Bristol’s favourite rock club.We are really looking forward to your company and, of course, the company your friends as well.

The more the merrier!

It all get’s underway at 7.30pm with Ed, Ade, Al and Adrian at the turntablesplaying those Granary classic tracks (air guitars supplied).Drinks are at pub price and there’s also the Lion’s tasty soul food available.The next Granareunited is not until Christmas week so whatever you do, don’t miss this one.