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Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


Some interesting items in our newsletter for November 2012 but first a reminder for our reunion gig of the year!


Pull out all the stops to make it to the Lion for this one. Wallow in a whole night of classic rock tracks brought to you by the team that first played them at the legendary Granary in the 70s and 80s and created those life long musical memories. From the starting point of 7.30pm the Granary DJs will present the music of the bands that played on the Granary’s tiny stage plus the fantastic floor fillers from the rock discos that filled the club every week. Wanna feel that heady feeling again? Of course you do! And for crying out loud, it’s all FREE




Last months newsletter included a picture of the band Zenith playing on stage at the club in 1985. Interest was stirred in who the characters were in the DJ box above the stage. Adrian Coleman, who later on became the resident Granary DJ in the closing years of the club, has provided the answer. “The person in the light top looks like Jon Shortman. “Disco Jon” we called him. He used to take care of the private functions in the club. Mainly for schools/ colleges who couldn’t book anywhere else due to their ages. I served my apprenticeship with Jon and it was indeed he who got me my Granary gig. Lost touch years ago. John Mason should remember him too. Too dark to really see the other person but could be me.” It would be really good to track down Jon and add his Granary memories to the archive so if you know the whereabouts of Jon Shortman let us know or tell him to get in touch with Al at the Granary ( )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

After the Granary closed in 1988 several companies put forward plans to the Council of renovations that they considered possible. Here are a couple of artists impressions of their “new look” Granary which failed to come to fruition that we’ve been able to add to the Granary archives.They seem to have left out somewhere to park one’s Harley Davidson !

granaryarchitectfifthfloor1The Granary fifth floor


The Granary first floor


The Granary top floor ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Keep in touch with the Granary-Bristol facebook page and post your favourite classic rock tracks. Copy this and send it to all your friends and please keep the Granary alive and well by supporting Granareunited 27 at the Lion on the 16th December. Love & peace, Al & Ed.