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Monday, March 14th, 2016


“I have been trying to think of a word for two weeks!”

The word has finally come to me….”fortnight!” Yes the Spring 2016 Granary reunion event is just a fortnight away. The original Granary DJs will be welcoming to the Lion former Granary Club members, fans, their friends and family as well as any true classic rock lovers or indeed anybody and everybody that loves a damn good time!




Granary (and Sam Apple Pie) fan Les Wainwright contacted Al via the Facebook message service and said “I have just read through your excellent Granary book and have a question. During the late 70’s Sam Apple Pie changed their name to The Vipers before reverting back to SAP .Is it possible that the two dates in your book 15.07.78 and 23.12.78 are them. It is additionally complicated by the fact an Irish band of the same name was around at this precise time. As a big supporter of SAP would you happen to remember? Your last date for SAP in 1981 is the very last recorded date I can find. I was in touch with their guitarist Andy before he sadly died a few years ago, due to the nature of time and indulging in those long cigarettes he had forgotten a lot of their history. thanks in anticipation. Les” Al replied “I still have the old Granary bookings folder with scribbled monthly details of the acts booked. However it runs out (for some unknown reason) in 1978. It’s was still at the back of my files case so I checked it out and there on the last page is “Vipers 15th July”. I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that after their name I have written “formerly Sam Apple Pie”! I’m pretty sure that the December date is also SAP. Cheers, Al”

1978-july-notesAlso found on a seperate scribbled sheet was a list of bands that had cancelled during 1976. Something that happened quite a lot for loads of different reasons. One band called Dirty Tricks turned up but went away without playing as they said “The club is too small”. The Scorpions also were also reluctant to play saying “We rehearse in places bigger than this” but changed their mind when they saw the high number of attractive young ladies who turned up early (they had free tickets!). Some of the cancellations in 1976 were Spiders from Mars, Jimmy Witherspoon, AC/DC and The Stranglers